3 Ways to Simplify Listing Your Home in St. Louis

3 Ways to Simply Listing Your Home

The holidays are past and the New Year is wide open in front of us. A part of me is always sad that the holidays are over, the festivities are ended and the special family times are memories. At the same time, the New Year promises new beginnings, unknown adventures and its own set of special memories. For us personally we continue to learn how to move forward without Kim, as we hold him so firmly in our thoughts and hearts.

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These Decluttering Tips Will Sell Your House Fast!

Do I need to clean my garage before listing my house for sale.

A friend was talking the other day about an acquaintance who was complaining because their real estate agent (they didn’t live in STL so they weren’t our clients) told them that they needed to clean everything off their kitchen counters, get rid of the kids’ toys, clean the clutter off of all tables and desk tops and clean out the garage. What do you think we said?

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