Home Staging: These Simple Tips Will Help Sell Your House

Home Staging St. Louis

I’m ready to talk home staging, but as I opened up my Tips and Sips file I quickly noticed that this was the 18th issue, 18!!

Doesn’t seem possible that Brad and I have been selling real estate in St. Louis that long.  My daughter figured we would kill each other within weeks! But, we get along great, bring different strengths to the table and recognize those in each other.  We’re having a lot of fun!

We also continue to find out a lot about each other.

I hadn’t realized quite how creative Brad was and how quickly he thought on his feet.  He really knows St. Louis real estate and can answer questions so thoroughly and knowledgably.   I knew he was good, but I am impressed daily by his depth of understanding.  I know he has come to appreciate my people skills and creativity as well since I can officially get him participating in our company poetry! 😊

Brad and I are both committed to making the Blankenship Team the best St. Louis real estate firm and most importantly are having fun at the same time.

Now let’s talk about some St. Louis real estate tips.

Home Staging: Tips You Need to Before Selling

I went to an interesting and very informative class last week on home staging in St. Louis.

The instructor, Liz Connolly, from InHance It! Home Staging was very knowledgeable and their company was a pioneer in the field of home staging in St. Louis.  She not only shared information about the process of home staging, but also some wonderful tips and advice.

Non-Conventional Tips for Home Staging

The single most important thing you can do to get your home ready to sell is to paint.

Updating Interior Paint Colors Prevents Unnecessary Objections

As Liz put it, “It is money in a can”!

Often, the last thing you want to think about is painting, but evidence shows it makes a BIG difference in days on the market and home prices.  So, get out the brushes and rollers or call your painter.  It needs to be done!

First off, if you really want to know how to sell your house, consider painting all the rooms, especially those in the main areas of the house the same neutral color.

And, if the whole house needs painting, one color can work everywhere.

Let’s talk about sales psychology for a moment.  The best way to overcome an objection is to position your pitch in a way to prevent the objection from happening.  This exact principal applies perfectly to this scenario for selling your home.

Keep it simple, create an environment where a buyer can walk into your home and visualize how they are going to turn your home into their home, without ever being distracted with what could be an objection (nasty old paint).

Okay, but what color?

Best Interior Paint Colors of 2019

Yes, paint quality matters when painting your home, especially when getting it ready to sell.

These interior paint colors are all Sherwin Williams, but if you like a different brand just get the color swatch and have the paint store color match it.

  • 6039 Poised Taupe
  • 7015 Repose Gray
  • 7029 Agreeable Grey
  • Perfect Greige
  • 6141 Softer Tan

For other interior paint ideas, we would suggest meeting a designer.  We know a few good ones, so let us know and we’ll happily refer you.

Home Staging: Give Your Bathrooms a Face Lift

Interior home staging services not only help you with the basics like furniture, but they also can help stage some non-conventional spaces such as bathrooms.

Below are some home staging tips that will spice up your bathrooms before selling your house.

  1. Make it as neutral as possible! If you have pink tile we have a great company that can glaze (turn it white) that tile or tub!!
  2. Put new towels on towel racks
  3. Close the toilet seat and place some folded hand towels on the seat.
  4. Be sure the toilet brush and plunger are NOT out. Find a spot in the back of the closet or the garage.
  5. No throw rugs are needed.
  6. No product on shelves, tub, or sinks. Put away everything!!
  7. Do not leave prescription bottles in your medicine cabinet or out on a shelf. Also, prospective buyers might think, hmmm, maybe the seller has an illness and needs to sell quickly. Just a thought!

We will have more inexpensive staging ideas in future Tips and Sips.  In the meantime, check out the various home staging companies in St. Louis.  And, if your home is already empty, you can always rent furniture for staging.

Remember, staging a house to sell doesn’t need to be complicated.

Check out our full guide on home staging here.

Stay Updated with St. Louis Real Estate Tips

For questions on buying or selling your home in St. Louis, you can reach Brad directly at 314-302-0592 or, you can join our contact list and we’ll continue to send you great tips on buying and selling your home in St. Louis.  Enter your information below and we’ll keep you up to speed on the good stuff!

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