Homes For Sale in Kirkwood Missouri: What You Need to Know

Homes For Sale in Kirkwood Missouri

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    Are you looking for homes for sale in Kirkwood, Missouri?  It’s one of the most sought-after places to live in Saint Louis and one of the primary areas that our brokerage serves.

    We are a husband-and-wife real estate team that live in Kirkwood, and we absolutely love it. We would like to share that experience with you so you can better visualize a future living in the place we call home.

    Kirkwood Real Estate is HOT and it is a Great Place to Live

    In our opinion, Kirkwood is one of the best areas to live in St. Louis County and here are just a few of the reasons why.

    • It’s a walking town. Regardless of the weather or time of year, you can always find people enjoying a leisurely walk with their family and pets throughout town.  For those living close to downtown Kirkwood, you will find daily walkers headed to the farmers market, or to one of the many awesome restaurants or locally owned shops and boutiques. There is no doubt about it, Kirkwood is a true walker’s community!  Sometimes you might even spot a golf cart or two!

    • Great Schools. Kirkwood school district consistently ranks among the best school districts in Saint Louis.  In September of 2018, Keyser Elementary school (located off N. Geyer Rd just north of W Essex Ave) was awarded the U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School award.

    • Safety. Kirkwood is among the safest places to live in Saint Louis.

    • History.  Kirkwood was founded and named after the builder of the Pacific Railroad, James P. Kirkwood. You can also find and tour a Frank Lloyd Wright House located off N. Ballas Rd.

    • Tradition. Whether it is the Green Tree Festival located in Kirkwood Park off W Adams Ave, which began in 1961, or the Turkey Day Trot, which celebrated its 110th year in 2017, Kirkwood is rich in tradition. These traditions have been passed down from family to family and offer sweet nostalgia for those who still live here, or those who grew up in the area and are returning with their families! 

    • Location, Location, Location!  Kirkwood is centrally located to some of the other popular areas to live in St. Louis.  In fact, it’s less than a 10 minute drive to Crestwood, Webster Groves, Town & Country, Affton, Ballwin, Clayton, Creve Coeur, Maplewood, Fenton, Rock Hill, Brentwood, and only a 20 minute drive to downtown St. Louis, making it extremely accessible.

    • Historic Homes.  Kirkwood is one of the best places in St. Louis to buy and rehab historic homes.  Think three story homes with a wrap around porch and massive oak trees.  Not only are these houses beautifully designed, but many sit on large lots. 

    Finding a House for Sale in Kirkwood

    Finding single family homes for sale is simple, as there are tons of real estate websites that aggregate new listings. However, we are not a huge fan of those unless you are just starting your search and getting a feeling of what is on the market.  

    What those sites don’t do is explain the pros and cons of each type of home for sale so you can make the best decision for you and your family.

    Here are the steps we would advise you follow:

    1. Let us set you up with an account on the Mid America Regional Information Systems (MARIS). MARIS is the centralized system that all Realtors in St. Louis and the surrounding area use to market their listings. Having an account will allow us to pinpoint your exact criteria so we can be more intentional with your search.

    2. Use the system and flag any new or existing listings that you’re most interested in.  This will notify us so our team can begin to learn what homes are peaking your interest, and we can also schedule a showing so that you can view the home.

    3. Start looking at home’s months in advance.  Doing this will allow you to identify what you like and do not like. It is amazing what people end up liking after they spend enough time searching.  This means we will need to get out there and start looking at a lot of new listings and make “open house” a new word in your weekend vocabulary. 🙂

    Below are some considerations and topics we always discuss in detail with our clients when they begin their search.

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      How Much Sqft Do You Need?

      Space is crucial as it drastically impacts price per square foot. 

      Think about the amount of space in your current home and make an educated decision on how much additional square footage you need in your new home.  Once you have that figured out, we can filter your searches by square footage.

      When we create your MARIS account, we can add in these filters for you, it is definitely something you want to think about, as it will make your search a little bit easier.

      Is the House You are Looking at on a Cut Through Street?

      This can be a very frustrating situation to a buyer.

      You love the home, love the location, and overlook the fact that you just bought a new house on a cut through street.

      Now, you have a constant fear that speeding cars are not paying attention and your kids or pets may be at risk.  For example, is the house you are looking at on a cut through street connecting Lindbergh and N Woodlawn Ave?

      Regardless of the location, take the time to check if you are going to be impacted or inconvenienced by cut through traffic.  Not all homes for sale in Kirkwood sit on cut through streets, but we would not be doing our job if we didn’t bring it to your attention.

      Would You Rather Live in a Townhouse or Condo?

      What is all the hype about living in a condo or townhome? Townhomes and condos can be very convenient.

      • No yard clean up

      • Covered parking (in many cases, but not all)

      • Typically, cheaper than a comparable single family home of similar size (clearly you may have HOA dues, but that all gets reviewed before you ever write a contract to buy.) However, most of the time it is cheaper to buy a condo in Kirkwood than it is to buy a house.

      • Walking distance to great dining like Duffy’s (our personal favorite), Citizen Kane’s Steak House, Sunset 44, Mission Taco, and Billy G’s.

      • Walking distance to some of the best places for kids such as the Magic House, Kirkwood YMCA,  Kirkwood Park and Ice Skating Rink, and Kirkwood Farmers’ Market.

      A condo or townhome is the best of both worlds, you get the simplicity of an apartment with the ownership of a home. Often you get a deeper feel of community by living in a condo, and couple that with a condo in Kirkwood, you have the ultimate community feel.

      We did a quick search and found condos ranging from as low as $148,000 to as much as $800,000 for varying types and designs.

      Kirkwood is a hot bed for growth and we continue to see new projects coming through for approvals.

      There are certainly some really great options that are already built and that have been a staple in Kirkwood for years, but feel free to contact us regarding new townhomes that are in the approval process.

      Are You Looking for Old Historic Homes for Sale?

      Charming, older homes for sale is one of the big appeals of Kirkwood.

      In fact, the Historical Society has a program offered to residents living in “Century Homes”. According to the historical society, the purpose is to “identify, preserve and honor the history of our 100-year-old homes in the Kirkwood area”.

      Visualize this, you walk out your front door on W Essex Ave and head down the sidewalk and you are surrounded by 100-year-old homes with three stories, wraparound porches, huge oak trees in the front yard, and a yellow lab lounging in the sun.

      If you are familiar with Kirkwood, then that description will instantly strike a note with you as it is one of the best places in St. Louis to buy historic homes which can be rehabilitated.

      Another important thing to remember is that you can buy an old home in Kirkwood without having to spend an arm and a leg.  Kirkwood has plenty of great old homes for sales with varying sizes and prices.

      • 2 Bed 1 Bath

      • 2 Bed 2 Bath

      • 3 Bed 2 Bath

      • 3 Bed 3 Bath

      • 4 Bed 4 Bath

      • All of the above with 2, 3, or even 4 car garages.

      You get the point.  We just do not want to scare off any potential buyers that may believe Kirkwood is too expensive to live.

      It seems like every month we are seeing more and more older historic home renovations popping up in Kirkwood, which is a great sign that the community is thriving.

      Kirkwood is certainly one of the best places to buy an older home in St. Louis. A drive through Kirkwood will show you a variety of neighborhoods some featuring charming bungalows, gracious Victorians, secluded modern multilevels, you’ll even find a few mid-century modern gems, and rambling ranches.

      If you have not already, definitely check out the Jefferson-Argonne Historic District which is home to some of the most beautiful homes in Kirkwood, Missouri.

      Here are some of the streets in Kirkwood with historic homes.

      • Argonne Dr.

      • Dickson St.

      • Clay

      • Holmes Ave

      • Jefferson Ave

      • Mitchell Pl

      • Taylor Ave

      • Woodlawn Ave

      • Fillmore

      Are You Looking to Build a New Home?

      New homes in Kirkwood come on the market every day in Kirkwood, but what we want to talk about is buying a NEW home in Kirkwood.

      What I mean by NEW home means NEW construction.

      When you find these opportunities, you will typically see the acronym of TBB next to the new listing which means to be built.

      Kirkwood is one of the most well-established communities in Saint Louis and there is not an overabundance of lots for sale in Kirkwood.

      For example, a recent home buyer decided to buy a piece of property that was not zoned for residential buildings.  They loved the location of Kirkwood so much and wanted to build a new home that they decided to go through the design review process.  The new home they built looks like the other downtown locations in Kirkwood and you would never realize it is a single family home.

      I think the price tag for that project was north of $5 million, but hey, if you love the location and have the means to build your dream home, more power to you! 😉

      This example is clearly one in a million.

      Most new homes for sale in Kirkwood often involve some type of tear down.  Hopefully, the developer you’re working with has already done the dirty work, but in some instances, you may be required to tear down the existing home that sits on your lot.  This requires approval from the city.  So be prepared.

      If you are interested in purchasing a lot to build on, we can help with that process too.  The price range for lots for sale in Kirkwood is broad which allows for different segments of buyers looking to build new homes in Kirkwood, Missouri.

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        Are You Looking for a Teardown or TBB Home?

        Common reasons people teardown homes in Kirkwood to rebuild or sell as a to be built (TBB) property.

        1. Repairs are too expensive

        2. Cost of repairs exceed value of existing home

        3. You need land to build your custom home and there are not any lots available

        4. Existing house is considered unsafe

        5. Location is king and you just want to build a house in Kirkwood

        We work with buyers all the time to get a good idea on the cost to teardown a Kirkwood home and rebuild new.  We would be happy to have that discussion with you at any time and there is never any cost of obligation to consult with our team.

        Kirkwood Design Review Process for Teardowns, Rehabs, and Home Additions

        Aside from being one of the best places to raise a family in St. Louis, Kirkwood continues to lead the charge in terms of best places to renovate older homes.

        Whether you are planning on tearing a house down, adding on to an existing home, or just building a new home from scratch, you’ll need to follow the City of Kirkwood design/review requirements.

        Depending on where your home is located, there may be additional meetings required.  For example, does the house you are renovating sit on or adjacent to a historic property?  If so, you will need to take some added steps with the design review board.

        Requirements for design review.

        • Building a new house

        • Building an addition to an existing home

        • Creating an accessory structure

        • Adding on a balcony

        • Adding a new covered porch or deck

        • Altering an existing roof structure

        You should always consult the specific rules and guidelines from the city of Kirkwood before building, renovating, or buying a home in Kirkwood.

        Why Does Kirkwood have Design Review Guidelines?

        This is a great question.

        Kirkwood design and review guidelines are in place to protect the integrity of the community.  This ensures those moving to Kirkwood meet the preferred elements which the city finds acceptable to match the character of Kirkwood as we all know it.

        For example, it would be hard for you to buy a teardown house in Kirkwood that was once a historic colonial design and rebuild with a contemporary glass house.

        Make sense?

        For more information on design review guidelines, go here.

        To get a true sense of Kirkwood, and all it has to offer we suggest you drive through this historic area with its tree lined streets, bustling downtown area, and charming neighborhoods. Kirkwood has lots to offer buyers of all ages and price ranges.

        Kirkwood Homes for Sale Move off the Market Fast

        One of the last things you should know about buying or selling in Kirkwood, is that it is one of the fastest moving real estate communities in St. Louis.

        As you can imagine from what you just read above, Kirkwood is a highly sought-after place to live in St. Louis which can make getting the home of your dreams tough if you are not prepared to jump at the right opportunity.

        Our advice is to make sure you are ready ahead of time by following these steps:

        Step 1) Have you Realtor in place: Work with a Realtor who knows the system inside and out.  For example, what if you buy a house that has an easement for a historical property?  What if you are buying the house with the intent on adding on an addition which you know is going to change the roof line.  Make sure you have a team in place to help you think through the various scenarios you will face.

        Step 2) Try to avoid contingency offers.  There are plenty of buyers lined up behind you that are ready to close without having to wait to sell their existing home.

        Step 3) Get pre-approved:  Make sure your financing is in place so when your shopping Kirkwood homes for sale, you are ready to pounce on the right opportunity.

        By following these 3 simple steps, you are well on your way to finding the home of your dreams in Kirkwood.

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          Driving Directions

          Kirkwood is centrally located east of Highway 270, South of US-40, and north of I-44.  The community is surrounded by the following places to live in Saint Louis:

          • Des Peres, MO

          • Rock Hill, MO

          • Glendale, MO

          • Oakland, MO

          • Crestwood, MO

          • Sunset Hills, MO

          • Creve Coeur, MO

          Depending on where you are coming from, below are the two easiest ways to get to Kirkwood, MO.

          Direction to Kirkwood, MO from US-40 / I-64

          If you are on Highway 40, you’ll want to take the Lindbergh / US-67 exit and head south about 4 miles to the heart of downtown Kirkwood.

          Directions to Kirkwood, MO from US-44

          The easiest way to Kirkwood from I-44 east or west bound is taking the Lindbergh exit and heading north just a couple miles to downtown Kirkwood.

          You can also take the Big Bend Rd exit.

          Directions to Kirkwood, MO from I-270

          Depending where you are on 270, you can take the 40 or 44 exits and head east to Lindbergh.

          If you are on 270 between 44 and 40, one of the quickest ways to downtown Kirkwood is taking the Dougherty Ferry Rd. and heading east and then turning south on New Ballas Rd. which turns into W. Adams and takes you straight into Kirkwood, MO 63122.

          Real Estate Brokerages

          There are many realty executives of St. Louis,  real estate brokerages and real estate agents that serve Kirkwood that can certainly help you buy or sell your dream home. 

          However, The Blankenship Team (Keller Williams Realty St. Louis) would love to earn your business!

          Some other notable brokerages are Berkshire Hathaway, coldwell banker realty, janet mcafee inc, Laura McCarthy, and re/max.

          Search MO Real Estate & Homes for Sale

          To get max results in your MO real estate & homes for sales search, real estate listing are easy to find using our simple search tool. If you find a home you would like to take a look at, feel free to reach out to Brad and Kate directly at 314-302-0592 or email  We will also check and see if a 3D tour is available to allow you to do a virtual walkthrough.

          Tip: Use the save search functions when you are using any of the new listing search tools.

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