12 of the Best Local St. Louis Deli Sandwich Places

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Thanks for visiting!  We aren’t just a real estate company, we’re a St. Louis real estate company dedicated to bringing you all the amazing things about St. Louis that should make you proud to call St. Louis your HOME!

And what better to be proud of than having amazing local delis providing the best deli sandwiches that in many cases are walking distance from some of the best places to live in St. Louis.

Now let’s get to business and talk about some St. Louis deli sandwiches close to your new home!

I like to think I’m a deli sandwich aficionado and want to make sure all of our amazing friends, family, clients and followers have access to the best places to get a deli sandwich in St. Louis.

My idea of a perfect lunch is a deli sandwich; the bigger the better, the gooier the better.  And if it’s close to home, that’s icing on the cake.

Best St. Louis Deli Sandwich Places

My team and I hit the St. Louis deli sandwich road with great frequency—then the gym with equal vigor! 🙂

Below are 12 amazing places to get deli sandwiches in St. Louis.

Blues City Deli

2483 McNair, 63104. Hours: Sunday-closed, Mon-Wed 11am-4pm, Thu 11am-8pm, Fri-Sat 11am-4pm. Located in South City neighborhood.

Often voted best lunch in St. Louis, Blues City Deli absolutely rocks!

First rule of getting one of the best sandwiches in St. Louis is don’t be afraid of the line, even when it’s winding out the door, around the corner, and down the  block! Yes, this place is that good, and you’ll fly through the line, don’t panic.

Find a place to park and join the crowd!  The line moves fast and when you get to the order counter be ready.  That said, DO NOT have someone hold a table for you while you are waiting.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

It typically works out that there is a space when you get there.  If not, the wait won’t belong.

I am partial to the Chicago Dog, I love a good hot dog and this one is chock full of sport peppers, relish and onions.  So good and so bad for you at the same time!

Brad orders the Benton Park or the Veno.

The Benton Park is served on a baguette with ham, roast beef, turkey, provel cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, pepperoncini, and topped with sweet red pepper sauce.  It’s phenomenal!

The Veno is a hot roast beef sandwich with bacon, provel and dressed with lettuce, tomato, onion and hot pepper sauce.  He tops his meal off with a bag of Red Hot Ripplets, best spicy BBQ chips the human race has ever consumed!

Unrelated to sandwiches, pizza, and red hot riplets, Blues City Deli music is always hot too!  You’ll love everything about it once you take the time to check them out.  It really adds a ton of culture to the local south city neighborhood.

LeGrand’s Market

4414 Donovan, 63109. Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-6:30pm, Saturday 8am-6pm, and Sunday 9am to 3:00pm. Located in Saint Louis Hills Neighborhood.

Their number one seller is the Legend Club with salsalito turkey, pastrami, pepperoni, bacon, hot pepper cheese, Havarti, garlic Cream cheese, and roasted red pepper sauce, $7.49.

Brad goes for the McGwire Special with roast beef, salami, cheddar, provel and a horseradish sauce.  They have over 40 sandwich creations as well as barbeque, and a full meat counter.

I am partial to the bratwurst.  See a pattern here?

It is housed in an old Tom Boy Store and its roots are still obvious.  A must stop on the deli road trip, buut don’t get confused, it’s no ordinary market!

Mom’s Deli: A St. Louis Tradition

4412 Jamieson, 63109, Hours:  Mon-sat 8am to 8pm, Sunday 8am to 6pm.

It’s no wonder we all love our mamas!

Mom’s deli, St. Louis icon for deli sandwiches and has been around St. Louis for over forty years.

Brad says the Mom’s Special is the way to go with turkey, ham, roast beef, munchee cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and homemade 1000 Island.

You can also get a good old-fashioned cod filet sandwich with tartar sauce.

Can you say Friday treat in south St. Louis?!  You can even walk to Ted Drews on Chippewa if you have a sweet tooth.

Gioia’s Deli: Home of the Hot Salami Sandwich

Located in the following places to live in St. Louis.

  • The Hill – 1934 Macklind, 63110.  Hours: Monday-Saturday 10:00 to 4:00 pm.
  • Creve Coeur – 623 N. Ballas Rd, 63141 Hours: Monday to Friday 10:00-4:00 pm.

Most people think of salami as hard salami you buy in the grocery store, this will change your life!

The original building was built with wood and brick from the 1904 World’s Fair in 1918, and they have been making their own salami since the beginning.

Not many St. Louis delis can claim a James Beard Award but Gioia’s can!  If you haven’t heard of the James Beard Award, it’s the Oscar’s of the food world, minus all the President Trump jokes!

They were also recognized in 2017 as an American Classic Award winner.

If you like salami you have to try the hot salami sandwich, their signature dish.  If you don’t like salami, you need to get out of your comfort zone and try their hot salami sandwich, it’s like nothing you’ve ever had.

What is hot salami?  Well, we think it’s their family recipe that is then boiled and served soft and hot, but we’re not completely sure, and frankly we don’t care.  Gioia’s hot salami recipe is amazing!

I like to order it on hot garlic cheese bread, but you have options.

At Gioia’s you can tell them exactly how to make your sandwich, what type of bread, cheese, garnish and condiments.   Oh, and not sure about that hot salami thing?  You can ask for a sample, and you should!

Pretty cool!

Brad goes for the classic club, he generally prefers his sandwiches cold, with a few exceptions.  But word of warning—these sandwiches are BIG! We recommend the Pick Two, with half a sandwich and soup or salad.

If you go for the whole, share with a friend-there will be plenty!

Lastly, they also have Red Hot Riplets!

Pumpernickle’s Deli

11036 Olive Blvd.  Hours:  Sunday 8 am to 2:30 pm, Mon-Fri 7 am to 2:30 pm, and Sat 8 am to 2:30 pm.

Here I am going for the classic kosher corned beef on rye.  I have to share my family’s corned beef story.

I grew up in University City and kosher corned beef sandwiches were our go to meal on Sunday nights as was a trip to the delicatessen on Sunday afternoons.  Sunday was the only night we got to watch TV during dinner.

It was the Wonderful World of Disney, must see TV in those days.  But, corned beef was expensive so my dad very carefully laid a single layer of corned beef on the rye bread, maybe two layers if we were really lucky.  To add a bit more flavor to these “lean” sandwiches he spread butter on the bread.

Yes, my Jewish friends are rolling their eyes, and shaking their heads in horror at that.  Suffice it to say that when my siblings and I ordered our first corned beef sandwich in a deli we were absolutely shocked at the pile of meat on one sandwich!

My dad served a family of five with that amount.  And, I must confess I still put butter on my corned beef sandwichesJ!!

Now, back to the sandwich at Pumpernickel’s- simple, delicious and piled high with corned beef.  For me the extra flavor for this meal is the healthy slaw.  Typically, I am a creamy slaw person, but the healthy slaw is a taste treat.

Imagine a spicy oil and vinegar slaw with half-sour pickles as one of the ingredients.  Okay, maybe it sounds weird, but it tastes delicious.

Give it a try.

Brad has trouble getting past breakfast here, an egg sandwich on one of their full-bodied bagels, or the three egg breakfast. Nothing wrong with that!!

Adriana’s on the Hill St. Louis

5101 Shaw, 63110.  Open 10:30 to 3:00 Monday thru Saturday.

Another stop on our St. Louis deli road trip is in the heart of the hill, best place for Italian food in St. Louis.

Again, don’t let the line scare you away, and don’t save a table.  Come on, you have to know the local culture.

We promise there will be a place to sit down.  (Okay, maybe promise is a bit strong, but you get the point.)

Here we recommend the pick two, with a half sandwich and a half salad.  Either the House or the Adriana’s Salad is a great choice, and no one really needs a whole of one of these sandwiches!!

Brad goes with the Mary’s Special which is a hot roast beef on garlic cheese bread.  I like the Beef and Philly with the cream cheese.

To each his or her own!!!

Salads are tangy and crisp and lighten the meal significantly.

You feel better about yourself afterwards!

Trust us, we are good at rationalizing all these lunch choices.


They have two locations one at 1170 S. Big Bend, 63117 and 11656 Manchester, 63131

Fozzie’s delivers and stay open seven days a week from 11 until 9:00.  The Big bend location is quite small so unless it is good weather consider it carry out only.

Now, on to the sandwiches.

We are glad to see that they now offer gluten free bread from Sweet Picks Pastries, although there is an upcharge.  In some ways this is the perfect deli because it offers both deli sandwiches and hot dogs and burgers.

Keeps both Brad and I happy.

They have a wide selection of salads, sandwiches, gyros, and po-boys.  Somebody once even said they have the best Po boy in St. Louis…we’ll let you be the judge.

On the burger side the Juicy Lucy is yummy with the cheese melted in the middle and the Club Med is a keeper as well with sliced chicken breast, grilled zucchini, squash, roasted peppers, arugula, goat cheese and a lemon-oregano vinaigrette on grilled flatbread.

Personally, any sandwich with goat cheese is worth a try!!

The homemade chips are a nice touch and you can also get milkshakes and sundaes. Oh, okay they also have some very interesting salads, we should order them but haven’t.

The Mango Tango is intriguing with fresh mangos, spicy pecans, goat cheese, mixed greens, and a champagne and honey vinaigrette.  Next time!!

Crown Candy: Bacon Sandwich Goodness

1401 St. Louis, 63106.  Hours:  Monday-Saturday 10:30 to 8:00, closed on Sundays.  

Okay, I know it is not technically a deli, but if we are talking best St. Louis sandwiches then they have to be on the list.  Two of the best in St. Louis!!

Plus, this our blog and we make the rules 🙂

Everyone has heard about the Crown Candy BLTs, some even say they are the best blt in St. Louis, but if you have never tried one, get in the car and go, right now!!  We are talking the KING of BLTs with piles of bacon, lettuce and tomato on good, old-fashioned white bread with mayo.

When I say tons, I mean that in only a slightly exaggerated way.  Literally, almost a pound of bacon.  The first time Kim had one he took bacon off of the sandwich!!

Who does that?  Geeze!

Although known for this colossal sandwich, which was featured on the Travel Channel’s show, Best Sandwich in America, the chili dog is worth a try as well. Love the chili on this simple classic.

Round out your meal with one of the best milkshakes in St. Louis, served in the metal container and poured into a vintage shake glass-enough for two people.

Go soon, you won’t regret it!!

Pickles Deli

They also have two locations in St. Louis, one In the CWE at 22 N. Euclid, 63108. Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am to 7:00 pm, Saturday from 10:00-3:00.  Their downtown location is 200 North Broadway and is opened Monday-Friday from 7:00- 3:00.

The downtown location also serves breakfast and although we have not tried it yet the menu looks inviting!  If you’ve had their breakfast, we would love to hear a review.

We got to know Pickles when we lived right around the corner from the CWE location. I was constantly popping down for their daily soup special. Their soups are quite wonderful and varied, definitely worth a sample.

Sandwiches here are made with high quality meats and we are fans of many.  The French Dip is a classic with ½ pound of shaved roast beef with melted Swiss on a French roll.  The Mediterranean Sub is also a favorite with sliced chicken, black olives, cucumber, roasted red and yellow peppers, red onions, mixed greens, feta and Greek dressing on a grilled pita.  Loved it!

You can put your own sandwich together and they have a combo with a side and drink for an additional 2.59.  They also get props for having gluten free bread options!!

Carl’s Deli

6401 Clayton Road, 63105.  Hours: Monday-Friday 9am to 5:30pm, Saturday from 9am-4pm.

Carl’s has been around for over 6o years, one of the first and best New York style delis in St. Louis

They pile them HIGH at this St. Louis oldie but goodie!

Probably best known for their pastrami, but corned beef is a staple also.  There is nothing fancy here, simple sandwiches, simple menu with even some vegetarian options.

Try the egg salad and knishes if you aren’t up for the meat monster pastrami or corned beef.


Two locations, one on the Hill at 5141 Wilson, 63110, their hours are Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00, Saturday 7:30-5:30.  Rock Hill at 9631 Manchester, 63119.  Hours: 9:00-8:00 seven days a weeks.

Although the menus are not identical in the two locations, the basics are the same. The delicious Amighetti Special with roast beef, salami, ham, brick cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, pepperoncini and special dressing is the obvious “go to.”

They have been making their own bread and specials since 1921.

Another option to try is the Little Italy which is served hot with garlic butter, salami, and two blends of cheese, black olives, and onions.

Or, if you aren’t in the mood for a sandwich you can always go for the lasagna, spaghetti or other pasta choices.  I mean, it is an Italian deli after all.

New Day Gluten Free

7807 Clayton Road, 63117. Hours:  Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.  Saturday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

New Day is 100% gluten and peanut free.

Although we tried to note delis that offered gluten free bread we thought it only fair to list a place that goes way beyond that.

Breakfast is served all day but in keeping with our sandwich theme they offer a Turkey and Bacon Club, an All-American BLT, a California Turkey melt, Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup, an Italian Melt, and the New Day Sub with turkey, ham, roast beef, provolone, lettuce, tomato, onion, and their special sauce on fresh-baked gluten free French bread.  Our gluten-free expert is a big fan!!!


As we finished writing up our favorites we once again realized we were leaving out a number of great delis from all around St. Louis.  Let us know your special sandwich place and we will try to feature your choices in our “client’s favorite edition!”.  If you call St. Louis home or are thinking about relocating to St. Louis, these are the best delis you need to visit.

  • Blues City Deli St. Louis
  • Moms Deli St. Louis
  • Legrand’s Market
  • Gioia’s Hot Salami Sandwich
  • Pumpernickles
  • Good Day Gluten Free
  • Crown Candy, best blt in St. Louis
  • Fozzies
  • Carl’s Deli
  • Amighetti’s
  • Pickles
  • Adrianas St. Louis Deli

What’s your favorite St. Louis deli?