2017 Holiday Toast & Winter Buying and Selling Tips

Selling Your Home in the Winter and Holiday Season in St. Louis

Welcome to the winter edition of Tips and Sips, the best St. Louis real estate blog…at least we think so!

With the holidays upon us and a big trip planned for January for me, we decided to send out December and January as one winter blast.

First, we wanted to show some appreciation to all of you for the support you have given us since we launched the Blankenship team a little over a year ago.

2017 Blankenship Team Holiday Toast

Now, on to the good stuff.

What the Heck is Tips and Sips?

Someone asked me the other day how we came up with Tips and Sips, and why a combination of real estate tips, calendar tips and favorite drink recipes.

Well, in trying to figure out a catchy name for our newsletter we were trying to see what rhymed with Blankenship.

Yes, you see our quandary!!

Tips was easy, but sips seemed like a fun way to pay homage to Brad’s decade in the bar and restaurant industry and my world famous Margarita recipe.

We thought it might interest readers enough to get them to read to the bottom of the page. We do get a lot of comments about the drinks, so hopefully it is working!  If you have any great drink recipes please share and we’ll highlight in our next tips and sips.

Tips: Pros and Cons to Buying and Selling During the Winter Holidays

With the arrival of winter and the holiday season the same question always arises.

Is the winter and holiday season a good time to buy or sell a house?

Not surprisingly, there is no easy answer, there are pros and cons both ways.

Home Buyers

The positives on the buyer’s side are that there are fewer lookers so houses tend to be on the market longer. That means sellers might be more willing to negotiate. That also means that serious buyers don’t have as much competition, another point in the plus column.

The main negative on the buyer’s side is that there is less inventory to choose from. That said, if you find a house you like the number of homes on the market does not matter. Our recommendation is to continue to look, what do you have to lose and your special home might be out there waiting.

Home Sellers

There is definitely less inventory and that can work in your favor. Unfortunately, that is coupled with fewer buyers, which is a negative. However, the right buyer might be out there and be more willing to negotiate if they find their dream home because they have fewer options.

Another plus is that homes often show well inside during the holiday season. Cheery decorations, warm and cozy fires, the scent of cookies baking, all help set the tone and mood for what a wonderful family home you are offering.

Buyers can picture themselves and their families enjoying the comfort and warmth (just don’t overdo the decorations)!

However, if you are a seller whose home has already been on the market for a while as we enter December and January, you might consider another option. In St. Louis (and all of Missouri), if a home comes off the market for 60 days it can be relisted and the “Days on Market” count starts over again.

So, if you took it off the market for 60 days during the cold, bleak winter months you could start over in late winter or early spring instead of adding 60 days to the number of days you already have accumulated.

Does that make sense?

A good option, but certainly not for everyone. Plus, you don’t have to keep your house clean all through the holiday season!! If you are wondering about the ramifications of this move, or have other real estate questions, we hope you will give us a call, we’re happy to chat about it.

We feel every real estate decision should be thoughtfully discussed and made on an individual basis. No hard and fast rules work for everyone.

Please give us a call. Thanks!!!

Winners of the $100 St. Louis Real Estate Gift Card Give Away!

Last month we offered a drawing for those who would send us their home address and phone number to keep our records updated.

The winners of the $100 gift card are Steve and Lisa J. Cograts!

THANKS for participating and we’ll keep everyone posted on our next great give away.


To all our clients who have bought and sold house in St. Louis in the past three years, we thank you immensely for your trust in us and your kind words on our behalf.

Our future business success depends on your continued referrals and references. We do not take you or that for that for granted.

For our friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues who follow us on Facebook, read Tips and Sips, and tell their friends about the Blankenship Team, your support is also greatly appreciated.

Starting a new business is always a daunting proposition, but we are well on our way and want to thank you for helping us meet our goals and dreams.

As always, please keep us in mind if you ever have any questions regarding St. Louis Real Estate.  We’re happy to help and will always make sure and earn your business every time as if it was our first.

You can reach Brad at 314-302-0592 or email us at info@theblankenshipteam.com.

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