Home Selling 101: 3 Basics You Should Never Ignore

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Three Home Selling Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

Each month we will give you a few tried and true real estate tips to help in your home buying or selling.

Improve the Exterior

You want to make a good first impression!! Don’t we all? So go outside and stand in the street and look at your house. In most cases a few inexpensive shrubs, some colorful flowers, or a coat of paint on the front door, can make a huge difference. You will get your money back on anything you spend in this way. Also, as you enter the house take a critical look at the entrance foyer. How could you make it more inviting? Does it need a small bench for taking off or putting on shoes, a picture to brighten the walls, or an area rug to warm the space up? Remember, first impressions.

You Are Selling the Kitchen

The kitchen is the most important room in the house. Is yours dated? Been there!! New hardware and light fixtures can help, and aren’t expensive. Putting in a new counter top can be several thousand dollars, but not having it may cost you waaaay more. Talk to your agent about the pros and cons. Same with painting the cabinets. You don’t need to put in a new kitchen to increase the value. These smart changes can go a long way.

You Are Not Selling Your House, You Are Selling Them Their House

That is a not so subtle way of saying not only remove the clutter, but remove all your personal touches.

It hurts, I know!

I hated this part. I mean who wouldn’t want to see that adorable picture of my children on the wall, or my delightful collection of hippos so artfully arranged throughout the house.

Turns out buyers!

Make the house neutral so they can imagine their children’s pictures and their collections. Strip it down to the essentials. The simpler the better.

Once you have done it, do it again and remove three more items from each room. Ouch!!!

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