Don’t Cut These Four Corners When Selling Your Home This Fall

St. Louis Real Estate Fall Selling Tips

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It is fall, the weather is becoming brisk, the trees having finally begun to change, and we might even be able to use the fireplace or fire pit!! The question becomes, is it a good time to sell a house?

The answer is yes, if you are smart and savvy. Try to remember a few fall real estate tips:

  1. Fall Into the Right Price!! Know the market and price the property correctly. It’s a good idea to work with your agent to research what is happening to prices in your neighborhood as we move into the slower season. Getting a good handle on recent sales in comparison to June and July sales will help in this process. Also, knowing the current competition is important. Typically, although there are fewer buyers, there are also fewer listings. You just want to be sure that your house is priced right…not too high!! You don’t want your home still sitting there as we move into the winter months.
  2. Fall Festivities Can Work Some Magic!! Yes, you can put out some pumpkins, mums, cornucopias-just don’t go overboard. Tasteful is the key. As you clear the dead plants from the pots on your front porch add some bright colored mums. Place a simple fall table decoration on the dining room table, or a whimsical jack-o-lantern in a child’s room. Think about adding some fall colored cushions to the living room sofa or chair. You might also consider lighting a fire in the fireplace, baking an apple pie to add a lovely fall aroma to the house, and offering seasonal treats to prospective buyers. Think cozy!! Think how can I bring a bit of that fall coziness into my home? Ask us! We can help!!
  3. Don’t Forget Fall Fallings In the Yard!! Fall yards can be wonderful with the changing trees and flaming red bushes. Unfortunately, those leaves fall, branches break, and the plants wither. So, be sure the yard is cleaned off, the leaves raked, branches bundled, and dead plants replaced. Remember first impressions are important!!! Look at your house every time you come and go to be sure you are putting your best fall foot forward!!
  4. A Few Fall Fixings! First off, remember that it gets dark earlier in the fall, turn on all the lights in the house, and open the drapes and blinds anytime the house is being viewed. Also, it is a good time to check the HVAC. You would hate to have to turn the furnace on for an Open House and it not be working. Besides the buyers are probably going to ask for an HVAC inspection anyway, this way you can show them you already have had it done. Same goes for the chimney. Get it checked so it is ready to go for that cozy fall fire.
    With all those tips in mind you are ready to put that house on the market during this still active fall season!  Learning how to sell your house has never been easier!

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