Four Tips for Selling Your House During the Holiday Season

Holiday House Selling Tips

Buying and selling your home during the holidays is always stressful if you don’t have a plan in place.

Obviously for many people buying or selling a house during the holiday season may seem crazy and not in their best interest. But, we have been doing a little research and there is definitely another point of view.

Folks looking to buy or sell their home this time of year are serious!!

Let’s face it, if you are searching now for a home you really want a new house. On the other side, sellers have probably been on the market a while.

What that means is both sides may be eager to work a deal. That is my long way of saying don’t be afraid of the winter market.

Four Tips for Selling Your Home During the Holidays

  1. KISS: Yes, Keep It Simple Stupid! Before adding any decorations remember you must declutter and declutter again!! Then you can think about holiday cheer. Caution!! If you are a Christmas, Kwanza or Hanukkah decorating fool, take it easy. A few strategically placed items can add charm, but not overwhelm. Your cherished 200 piece Christmas village might need to be saved for next year. Just sayingJ!!
  2. Remember Political Correctness is Not a Bad thing!! Remember how we recommended depersonalizing your home in an earlier newsletter, same goes at the holidays. That giant nativity scene might have real meaning for your family, but you want buyers to be able to picture their celebration in your home. So, make your choices wisely and lean towards “the generic holiday look.” Think candles, stars, glass balls, snowmen, and simple wreaths. Yes, for many people it is a time to celebrate our religious holidays, traditions, and beliefs. However, if you are selling your home you want it to be welcoming to people of all backgrounds and religions so keep it simple.
  3. To Tree or Not to Tree? Yes, you can put up your tree, but again keep it simple and sized to the room. If anything, go smaller than usual. Remember you want buyers to think the room is big and spacious so this year you might go with a tabletop tree, a slimmer silhouette, or place the tree somewhere different if it helps the flow of the rooms. Make sense?
  4. Go With the Decorating Flow! Try to make the decorations blend in with your room décor. If you have a neutral living room go with white, silver and gold touches. Your handsome light green dining room will look great with some green and maybe just a small touch of red. Trust me it hurts to say ‘small’ in relation to red, especially during the holidays, but unless you have a red room that’s the way to go. Make the holiday additions look like they are an integral part of the décor.

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