These Decluttering Tips Will Sell Your House Fast!

Do I need to clean my garage before listing my house for sale.

Welcome to month four of the Blankenship Tips and Sips.

The holiday season is upon us and we truly hope all our friends, colleagues, clients, and family have a joyous holiday celebrated around their family traditions and beliefs.

Did you know there are over 25 holidays and feast days in the month of December? Obviously Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza, but there is also the Hindi five day Pancha Ganapati festival, Hogmanay the Scottish New Year’s celebration, and Yalda the Iranian festival celebrating the victory of light and goodness over dark and evil.

So HAPPY HOLIDAYS, whatever yours might be!!!

Sell Your House Fast with These Tips

A friend was talking the other day about an acquaintance who was complaining because their real estate agent (they didn’t live in St. Louis so they weren’t our clients) told them that they needed to clean everything off their kitchen counters, get rid of the kids’ toys, clean the clutter off of all tables and desk tops and clean out the garage.

Which by the way was so full they couldn’t get a car inside.

This seller kept saying they couldn’t live like that and didn’t get the reasoning. So, let me explain the reasoning and then give a few tips for accomplishing those feats without making yourself totally crazy.

Reasons to Declutter Your Home Before Selling

When showing your house you want to accomplish several feats.

  1. You want the house to seem as big as possible. No, you can’t turn the 1200 square foot ranch into a 2800 square foot open-concept beauty. But, you can make it look like the biggest 1200 sf ranch in the neighborhood. That happens by making the rooms seem as big as possible by limiting furniture, getting rid of clutter and having lots of space to walk around.
  2. You want prospective buyers to feel that the house has enough storage for all of their “stuff.” Well, if they see your “stuff” piled all over the place, closets filled to overflowing, stacks of papers lying around, and boxes, bins and miscellaneous item stacked in the garage and basement they are going to conclude that there is not enough storage in the house. That may be the exact reason you are moving but let’s paint the best picture we can.

Ideas for Living Without the Clutter

One way to think about this is to acknowledge that you are selling your house and are going to have to pack all this stuff up some time anyway.

So room by room go through and pack items that you don’t have to have to live for the next two months.

The goal is to create a space in each room to put the everyday clutter that you will need to hide away when prospective buyers come calling.

Declutter your living room and family room

In the living room and family room pack up books, toys, games, objects d’ art, extra pillows.

The goal is to have enough room in a cabinet or coat closet to put the bin of toys the kids will be playing with when it is house showing time. We know the toys are going to be needed!! Just plan for where to put them!

Decluttering the kitchen

Get all those silver plated trays you got as wedding presents, seldom used appliances, and that second set of dishes…packed away!!

Your goal?

To have one cabinet empty. Viola, a place for the blender, the toaster and the can opener!

See, we do know that you can’t live without anything on your counters, we can’t either!!!! Just have a plan for where they can be stowed away quickly and neatly. Now on to the garage!!!


Now for the part you have all been looking for the Blankenship Sips.

This month we are featuring Fireball, in honor of Kim, who loved to sip a little Fireball by the fire.

Okay, we don’t have a fireplace, but he loved a little Fireball over ice now and then.

So, tip one, if you like cinnamon, red hots, or Hot Tamale candies you will love fireball.

Best Drinks with Fireball

  1. Pour a shot over ice and sip away.
  2. Pour a shot over ice cream for an adult dessert.
  3. Mix with Angry Orchard hard Cider (or the cider of your choosing). One shot of Fireball to a pint of Hard Apple Cider.
  4. Like Rum and coke occasionally? Try Fireball and vanilla coke. This one is a definite keeper. Oh, heck they all are!!
  5. Fall in a Cup: Got this recipe from a friend. She says it is one of her family’s favorites. Truthfully I want to be invited to their next party. For a single serving mix:
    1. 1 ounce of Fireball and one ounce of Apple pucker with
    2. 4 ounces of cranberry juice.

For a punch sized serving mix:

  • One bottle of Fireball and one bottle of Apple Pucker
  • Four bottles of cranberry juice.

See why I want to be invited to their celebrations??? Really!!

To all our friends, clients, colleagues and family we end this month’s Tips and Sips the way we began, by wishing each of you a joyous holiday season filled with family, fun, and lots of love.

Maybe a few presents, too. Thanks for making our lives so blessed.

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