Are You Positioned to Fast Forward Selling Your Home?

How to Sell Your Home in St. Louis Real Estate

Winter is upon us, sort of. I mean the top was down several days in January with temperatures in the 60s and it is supposed to happen again next week.

What that really means is “watch out for the April snow storm!!” It is also February which means Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Whether you are an ardent fan of the “lover’s day” or a firm believer that it is a made-up holiday it is a good time to show your love to those special people in your life. We will have some pink drink recipes for you to ensure the day is joyous!!


This month I thought I would give you some information on the hottest areas in the St. Louis Real Estate Market. The table below was compiled by Dennis Norman and published in the St. Louis Real Estate News. I added the column with the municipalities to make it easier to picture where these zip codes are located.

The rankings are based on average days on the market. In other words, how fast are homes in St. Louis selling?

Rank   County   Zip Code   Municipality   Active Listings   Average Days on Market
1 St Louis 63143 Maplewood 7 40
2 St Louis 63126 Crestwood 14 41
3 St Charles 63376 St Peters/O’Fallon 61 46
4 St Louis 63011 Ballwin/Ellisville/Manchester 37 50
5 St Louis City 63109 Hampton/Lindenwood Park 50 51
6 St Louis 63144 Brentwood 8 51
7 St Louis 63043 Maryland Heights/Hazelwood 32 51
8 St Charles 63368 O’Fallon/Dardenne 49 52
9 St Louis 63026 Fenton 54 54
10 St Louis 63125 Lemay/Melville 50 54


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