10 Best Buyers Markets in St. Louis

Best Buyers Market in St. Louis

Last month we talked about winter being upon us. Really?

We know, a snowstorm can still hit, but is this crazy or what? Because of the mild weather we think the spring market is going to hit early this year, I mean, spring certainly did!! We had an open house last weekend in Ballwin, MO and over 75 people came through the house in over 25 groups. We secured a contract on one day

Love it when it works out like that!

Here’s to the spring market!!

St. Louis Real Estate Buyers Market

Last month I shared some information on the hottest areas in the St. Louis Market from the seller’s side. This month I want to share the best markets for buyers. Yes, there are few in the area. As you can see they are in a wide range of neighborhoods and probable price ranges. The table below was also compiled by Dennis Norman and published in the St. Louis Real Estate News. This is an interesting and easy to read online publication if you want even more information.

Rank City # Listings for Sale listings sold in the last 30 Days Month’s Supply
1 Frontenac 23 1 23.00
2 Pine Lawn 22 1 22.00
3 Northwoods 19 1 19.00
4 Ellisville 17 1 17.00
5 Eureka 27 2 13.50
6 Festus 85 7 12.14
7 Weldon Springs 23 2 11.50
8 Sunset Hills 23 2 11.50
9 Pevely 57 5 11.40
10 Cottleville 34 3 11.33


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