Why You Should Use a Real Estate Agent vs. For Sale By Owner

Why Use real estate agent vs. sell by owner

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Real Estate Agent vs. For Sale By Owner

Now this might seem a little self-serving but we thought we would talk this month about the benefits of using a real estate agent. To be sure I shared information beyond my own thoughts I researched the question and am sharing information from a number of articles including:

  • Five Reasons Why You Still Need an Agent by Tara Struyk at Forbes
  • Why Use a Real Estate Agent from LendingTree
  • The Benefits of Working with an Agent by Elizabeth Weintraub at Balance.com

Let’s be honest, with all the information on the internet it is probably easier than ever to sell a house yourself. That said, here are some items to consider if you’re planning on selling your house on your own.

  • It’s our full time job—and we are good at it! We book appointments, do searches, field countless calls, set appointments, and follow-up—again and again if necessary.
  • We can negotiate—and we are good at it! We are not emotionally involved in selling (or buying) the family home so we can be non-emotional, tactful and experienced!
  • We can handle the paperwork and legalities—and we are good at it! Contracts, contingencies, lead paint disclosures, escrow accounts, mortgages, real estate regulations, seller disclosures, etc., etc. etc. we can handle it all in a professional and timely manner and have resources when issues arise.
  • We can set the right price—and we are good at it! We understand market trends, comparables, and have access to information and resources individual sellers do not.

So the next time you are ready to buy or sell please consider a real estate professional. That way you can be sure that all inspections are complete, legalities met, all forms are properly executed, and you got the most your money could offer.

Now, how self-serving was that???

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